Located a few minutes from downtown Montreal, Saint-Laurent covers an area of 43 square kilometers, making it Montreal's biggest borough and one of Quebec's key industrial hubs.



In the mid-20th century, Saint-Laurent experienced an industrial boom which, in the space of a few years, saw it become the second largest industrial city in Quebec. Many companies – including large aeronautical firms – set up plants in Saint-Laurent, contributing to its ever-growing economic vitality. In the 1950s, it was home to some 40 businesses.


Marcel Laurin was elected mayor in 1959; he would remain in office until 1990. He was instrumental in making Saint-Laurent the second largest industrial hub in Quebec, devoting 70% of its territory to industrial development. His accomplishments include the building of the first metro station in Saint-Laurent and the creation of a high-technology mega-complex, the Technoparc Saint-Laurent, in addition to award-winning residential developments. All just a few minutes from downtown Montreal.


In 1970, Saint-Laurent, the second largest industrial city in Quebec, was home to more than 400 companies. The borough still holds this distinction, with more than 70% of its territory dedicated to business development. Its renowned industrial park boasts a first-class technology centre, Technoparc Montréal. In all, close to 4,500 places of business in Saint-Laurent provide more than 109,000 jobs.


Vital infrastructures

Close to Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau International Airport (Dorval), Saint-Laurent is bordered by highways 13, 15, 20 and 40. Two metro stations, two train stations and 35 bus lines make the borough highly accessible.


Economic benefits of synergy

Saint-Laurent is home to three cutting-edge industrial clusters: aerospace, life sciences (health) and information and communications technologies (ICT). The dynamic of these business clusters results in increased productivity and the dissemination of knowledge. Consult the Business Directory by business sector to get a sense of the economic strength generated by these concentrations of interconnected businesses.


Saint-Laurent firms have high growth potential. In addition, the borough's diversified and cluster-based economy favours synergies between small and large businesses. Subcontracting networks ensure integration of industrial and strategic hubs.


A state-of-the-art technology hub

The Saint-Laurent Campus of Technoparc Montréal (TM), formerly Technoparc Saint-Laurent, is located on the territory served by DESTL. With its 20 hectares of land, it is considered the biggest technology park in Canada.


TM is dedicated to the development of cutting-edge technology in four key business sectors: aerospace, life sciences, information and communication technologies, and clean technologies.


Over the past few years, TM has enjoyed some of the strongest growth in North America. To date, more than $2 billion in investments have been made, resulting in the creation of 6,000 highly skilled jobs, in more than 90 businesses.


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