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Recruitment of immigrants

17 September 2019

The Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Solidarity announced investments of $ 54.8 million until 2021 to facilitate the recruitment and job integration of immigrants.





$ 20.9 million will be used to fund four new measures for businesses seeking to hire temporary foreign workers:


  • Measure of financial assistance for participation in a recruitment mission with the reimbursement of approximately 50% of the costs incurred, up to a maximum of $ 5,000 per company per mission.
  • Financial assistance for international out-of-mission recruitment of approximately 50% of transportation, accommodation and meals abroad, up to $ 5,000.
  • Measure of financial assistance for the relocation of recruited workers, up to a maximum of $ 1,000 per immigrant worker.
  • Eligibility of temporary foreign workers and their spouses to the entire supply of public employment services.


Improve integration


To facilitate the integration of immigrant workers into employment, the Department also confirmed an investment of $ 33.9 million to enhance the Immigrant and Visible Minority Integration Program and the Integration Program employment of persons trained abroad referred by a professional order.


The enhancement of these programs increases the wage subsidy granted to an employer who hires an immigrant or a member of a visible minority group from 50% to 70% of gross salary.


The Minister of Labor, Employment and Social Solidarity, Jean Boulet, hopes that such measures, unveiled as part of the "Integration" step of his manpower action plan, help at least 2000 companies in their international recruitment over the next two years. "Immigrants and temporary foreign workers make up 20% of our labor needs over the next 10 years," he notes.




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