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A look back at our virtual events: Automation, productivity and manufacturing expertise

03 March 2021

Two special events related to the technological transition took place on February 11 and 25, bringing  together renowned speakers from the innovative manufacturing sector. These events were organized by the Centre d’expertise industrielle de Montréal (CEI MTL) as part of the tour, Le Point sur le Québec Manufacturier Deloitte - L’ère des transitions.


More than ever technological transformation is required to improve the competitiveness and productivity of manufacturing businesses at the dawn of the 4th industrial revolution. The digital transition can also prepare businesses to better anticipate unforeseen events. Indeed, businesses that have initiated their 4.0 shift are better equipped to deal with the pandemic; they even managed to increase their turnover during the crisis.


The importance of investing in digital technologies

The first part of the Focus on Technological Transition event got off to a strong start with the opening remarks from Luc Sirois, Chief Innovator of Quebec and General President of the Quebec Innovation Council. In addition to reaffirming the importance of the shift to 4.0, he encouraged manufacturing businesses to equip themselves and consult the large ecosystem available to facilitate their digital transformation.


The Computer Research Institute of Montréal (CRIM) and the Institut National d'Optique (INO) then moderated a panel on the digital transition. Françoys Labonté from CRIM and Alain Chandonnet from INO emphasized the importance of adopting a continuously structured and methodical approach when it comes to innovating.


To (re) watch the February 11 webinar, please click here.


Advanced automation and financing offers

Moderated by Robin Durand, Economic Development Commissioner dedicated to innovation at CEI MTL, this second part focused on advanced automation and available sources of funding.


The first panel opened with Alex Brisson, President and CEO of Norda Stelo, who highlighted the usefulness of advanced automation in solving labor shortages, improving productivity, reducing workloads, reducing risks related to the health and safety for workers, improving the impact on the environment, etc. The main objective of Norda Stelo is to contribute to the societal performance of the organization and to maximize its positive impact through its digital transformation.


Lyne Dubois, Vice-President of Investissement Québec - CRIQ, then presented the service offer of the new Investissement Québec and more specifically, the Productivity Innovation Initiative. With the objective of propelling competitiveness and accelerating the growth of companies, this new initiative supports companies in their digital shift by providing them with a team of experts, specialized laboratories, a neutral and impartial approach as well as recognized certifications.


The second panel included Maxime Clerk, Vice-President, Partnerships and Special Programs at Prompt, Yann Van De Voorde, Senior Account Director at Desjardins, as well as Alain Denis, Senior Vice-President, Investments - Venture Capital of the Fonds FTQ. The three speakers introduced us to the many sources of funding available such as private equity, R&D partnerships and multiple grants that will certainly facilitate your digital transformation.


To watch the February 25 webinar, please click here.


Next CEI MTL 4.0 practical workshop dedicated to manufacturers

The CEI MTL is also organizing a 100% virtual practical workshop, dedicated to manufacturing businesses considering 4.0. This new workshop, completely redesigned for digital adaptation, focuses on the identification of concrete projects representing major gains for manufacturing companies.

The participants will leave with two customized deliverables:

  • DNA sheet
  • The list of 5 major opportunities




If you would like to chat with our experts and identify improvement opportunities for your business, reserve now by writing to us here.

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