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At the heart of the 4th industrial revolution: the Data

11 November 2021

The 4th Industrial Revolution places the Manufacturer within an intelligent, interactive, and automated ecosystem throughout the life cycle of a product, stemming from design through to recovery. This 4.0 Revolution, marked by an explosion in the volume of data and digital content, therefore engages the company in global reconfiguration.

The challenge lies in the ability of companies to construct their digital continuity.


According to Alexandre Durupt, Senior Lecturer at Université de Technologie de Compiègne and Scientific Director of the DIMEXP laboratory, “It is an integrated system of data, models and tools that allows us to trace a product throughout its life cycle and to transform the data into usable information for diagnostic assistance and agile decision-making.”




Digital continuity creates a loop between a company’s digital and physical spheres. Optimization of processes and production spaces is achieved by integrating production data into a single package, so that the right information is available, at the right place and at the right time.


Through data feedback and analysis, the company fuels a circle of ongoing collaboration between human, financial, operational, and commercial functions. It can then guide investment decisions by making sure they are in line with the foundations of its business.


Data serves to identify sources of productivity and innovation, and is used ensure accurate decision making. It also enables the creation of a digital twin, which is essentially a virtual version of a given physical entity, and helps promote product development by:


  • reusing what already exists as much as possible in new developments and developing new products and features more quickly.


    increasing efficiency and collaboration and driving production in a more agile way.


    optimizing the use of production space.


    making the right parts the first time and achieving better quality.


    improving responsiveness to changing market and customer demands.


On the field, SME leaders need strategic support to accelerate digital integration and the renewal of their business practices. DESTL is offering manufacturing companies the opportunity to participate in the Industrial Excellence forum on November 25th, 2021:




Manufacturing SMEs—why should you take part in the Industrial Excellence forum ?

  • Demystify the data economy, Lean 4.0 and manufacturing analysis tools.
  • Meet business leaders who have built their digital continuity and decompartmentalized their work.
  •  Understand the benefits of Equipment as a Service in terms of technology agility.
  • Engage your teams in thinking about new sources of productivity.


Register here.


Don't know where to start your digital transition?

As part of the Industrial Excellence forum, Développement économique Saint-Laurent is offering coaching to manufacturing SMEs that have not yet started their digital transformation.


Welcomed on the morning of the Forum by a member of the IEC MTL's tactical innovation team, companies will have the opportunity to reflect on the digital priorities of their company.


To learn more, click here.



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