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Business News: ELITS Canada

11 October 2016

ELITS Canada Inc., the Montreal/Saint-Laurent subsidiary of the Swedish company ELITS Global Group, has developed a business model for global data storage based on simple agreements, cost control & full flexibility.


As well as data storage, we specialize in IT operations and support, Cloud Services, IT Service Management, Data Center Services and other Change and Improvements your business need, this could be anything from Automation to Mergers and Acquisitions.


We provide an option to simplify and consolidate your storage without compromising your control of your IT environment.  We reduce your operational risk and improve utilization and storage efficiency, while giving you access to world class experts on a 24/7/365 basis. 


Our tag line at ELITS is "Another kind of IT". What does that mean? We are customer focused by creating the best customer experience.  We are business enabling by boosting your business and not being a challenge you need to tackle. With our fresh thinking ways, our model challenges everything from the way we offer simple agreements, cost control as well as full flexibility. ELITS is also focused on employee empowering.  Employees are trusted in their abilities and with this confidence boost, it develops creativity and proactive solutions. We are also in it for the long run and aim for long term partnerships. With our focus on listening, we pride ourselves in understanding your business.  Communication is key. 


All of this is not only what we think, it really is who we are.


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