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Company visit: Bell Nordic

02 June 2016

“Admiring the newly refurbished creativity room, I could see Bell Nordic’s commitment to the Saint-Laurent community. During the renovation work, the company acted in a socially responsible manner,” explained Josée Chiasson, General Manager of DESTL.


For example, the firm donated its furniture to Moisson Montréal, a local NPO, and bought recycled furniture from Nulook, another local company.


Bell Nordic then offered to assist Moisson Montréal full time for three months – pro bono – in its efforts to improve its client approach with volunteers by analyzing and enhancing moments of truth with them. The non-profit organization’s volunteers had an enriching experience while reviewing the methods used for the coffee packaging and recycling modules.


Is your business ready for a brainstorming session? Want to stimulate your team’s creativity and get them to think outside the box? As part of its open and collaborative approach, Bell Nordic is offering companies in the area free use of its new creativity room. A great place to think differently!


About Bell Nordic Inc.

Bell Nordic is a consulting firm specializing in operations management and all of its human aspects. It focuses on helping businesses achieve efficient operations management while creating a working environment that favours employee mobilization and accountability. Since 1987, small to large-scale organizations in both manufacturing and services have relied on its expertise to guide them.


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