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Company visit: Famic Technologies

04 July 2016

With technologies offering new development opportunities for manufacturing businesses, the manufacturing industry is changing as we enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


As part of its 2016-2018 Strategic Plan, Développement économique Saint-Laurent (DESTL) is committed to fostering the transition of manufacturing businesses to Industry 4.0 and hopes to develop an Ecosystem 4.0 that can mobilize all the stakeholders involved.


“On a recent visit to the Saint-Laurent company Famic Technologies, I discovered Andon Studio™, an integrated technology solution developed here,” said Josée Chiasson, General Manager of DESTL. A potential 4.0 solution for manufacturers interested in adopting digital technologies, it can track productivity in real time and optimize operations.


If you operate in this sector, DESTL has solutions for you. Did you know that financing programs are available to help you carry out your projects? Contact our team of experts, who will assist you with your project development efforts.


About Famic Technologies Inc.

Founded in 1986, Famic Technologies offers a complete range of products and services in the field of software engineering and industrial automation solutions. With its products, engineers, maintenance personnel and trainers can increase their efficiency in systems design, maintenance and training. Famic Technologies also has branches in Germany and India.


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