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CTEQ and the business transfer in Saint-Laurent

06 February 2020

On January 23, DESTL attended a breakfast conference held by the Saint-Laurent–Mont-Royal Chamber of Commerce (SLMRCC) and the Centre de transfert d’entreprise du Québec (CTEQ). The main topic was the signing of a cooperation agreement on the assistance and support of the SLMRCC business community.

This partnership will help prepare entrepreneurs for the challenges of entrepreneurial acquisition and business takeover and transfer. The agreement is in response to the growing interest of CCSLMR members in business transfer and will enhance business development in Saint-Laurent.


Business transfer – a key issue in Saint-Laurent


In 2017, DESTL and CTEQ made their cooperation official by signing a partnership agreement on management succession, business staging and business transfer. These organizations jointly visit Saint-Laurent businesses, identify those in the transfer process and put them in contact with potential buyers. The Centre de transfert d'entreprise du Québec’s involvement in the activities of DESTL dates back 4 years, to the time when information sessions of the Table des partenaires and the Table des repreneurs were organized.  Informing entrepreneurs about business transfer planning helps sustain businesses and jobs in Saint-Laurent.

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