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DESTL invites you to participate in the annual census of businesses in Saint-Laurent

13 October 2020


DESTL publishes the Répertoire des entreprises de Saint-Laurent, a reference and promotional tool adapted to the needs of business people.


An annual business census in Saint-Laurent to produce our directory

The business directory is updated every year in April through the annual census. Under the supervision of our colleague project manager Chavha Beddek, 2 census takers are recruited each year to collect economic data from the territory's businesses over several months.


“The Business Census will provide us with a snapshot of the local economic situation and enable us to better identify business needs. That’s why the Saint-Laurent administration has entrusted this new mandate to Développement économique Saint-Laurent, which prepared the questionnaire. We thank you for your cooperation." says Saint-Laurent borough mayor, Alan DeSousa.


Only 10 minutes of your time will be needed to fill out our questionnaire and update the data concerning your business, contact Chavha at


The business census allows DESTL to draw an economic portrait of Saint-Laurent, the largest industrial sector in Quebec.

Summary of the economic portrait of Saint-Laurent in 2019

- 4,576 companies established in Saint-Laurent

- 108,071 jobs including 31,860 manufacturing jobs

- 486,000,000$ invested in Saint-Laurent by manufacturers


Did you know that 70% of Saint-Laurent's territory is devoted to business?

- A territory that favours manufacturing, including high technology and Research and Development (R&D).

- An important employment pool in the Montreal agglomeration with 108,071 jobs (including retail businesses and institutions).

- 48% of the jobs come from large companies


Focus on Saint-Laurent's manufacturing sector

In 2019, $486 million will have been invested in Saint-Laurent by 613 manufacturers.

Manufacturing companies generate 29% of jobs in Saint-Laurent, or 31,860 jobs.

R&D remains a major area of investment, guaranteeing innovation potential for the economic vitality of Saint-Laurent. The territory keeps companies one step ahead of the global competition, leading to long-term sustainability.


Find a complete economic portrait of Saint-Laurent in our 2019 annual report (in French only).  

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