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DESTL welcomes 4 new members to its Board of Directors

07 July 2020

M. Jean-Marc Laniel, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Ms. Leesa Hodgson, General Director of Développement Économique Saint-Laurent are proud to announce the nomination of four new entrepreneurs from the borough of Saint-Laurent to its board of directors.


Martine Champagne  

Human Resources Director at Fordia


With 25 years of experience in endowment, compensation, professional relationships, management of work accidents and organizational development, Ms. Champagne is recognized for her skills in operational management, analysis, communication, animation and writing, as well as coaching at all levels of the organizational hierarchy. Ms. Champagne has managed Fordia’s (powered by Epiroc) human resources for more than 12 years. Fordia produces diamond tools for mining and geotechnical drilling. The manufacturer has two factories and 13 offices around the world.




Manon Pilon  

International Business Development Director at Derme & Co.


Founder of Derme & Co. and Europelab Laboratories, International Director of Education and Vice President of Business Development for Derme & Co., Ms. Pilon is also the owner of Nelly De Vuyst Laboratories and Druide Laboratories. Both laboratories are recognized for the manufacture of natural organic Ecocert® certified products, the first in North America. With more than 35 years of experience in skin care, Ms. Pilon is also a well-known author and speaker around the world.





Lauren Rathmell  

Co-Founder, Director of the greenhouses and Marketing at Les fermes Lufa


McGill biochemist graduate Lauren Rathmell co-founded the Lufa Farms in 2009. This cutting-edge company uses Sustainable agricultural production methods, including pesticide-free biological control and the closed-loop irrigation system. In addition to directing the marketing and communications department, she manages all greenhouse and agricultural practices activities, as well as R&D, in accordance with the vision of Lufa Farms. The organization’s mission is to change the way people eat by sustainably growing food in their neighborhoods. To do this, in 2011, they built the first commercial greenhouse on roof in the world.






Raffaele Gerbasi 

President at Waterax


President and CEO of WATERAX Inc., a division of Wildfire Group Holding Inc, M. Gerbasi has over 35 years of leadership experience in business start-up and entrepreneurship. He started in the cable broadband industry, then he founded an advanced test equipment manufacturing company in a difficult financial environment. With his expertise in business start-up, growth strategies, turnaround, as well as mergers and acquisitions, Mr. Gerbasi has enabled WATERAX to become the leader in water pumps.


Here is the new composition of our Board of Directors :


· Jean-Marc Laniel, former President at Laniel Canada

· Pierre Massicotte, former Vice President of L’Oréal Canada

· Alan DeSousa, Mayor of the borough of Saint-Laurent

· Denis Deschamps, President of Dakkar

· Laurent Simon, Professor at HEC Montréal

· Daniel Luquette, former President of Proden

· Annie Sébastien, Vice President of Pfizer

· Raffaele Gerbasi, President of WATERAX

· Manon Pilon, President of Derme & Co.

· Lauren Rathmell, Co-Founder of Lufa Farms

· Isabelle Bastien, Observer

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