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Finance: Investing in art – An industrial asset

04 February 2016

Did you know that works of art in the workplace foster smoother interpersonal relationships, facilitate communication and stimulate creativity?


Wishing to create a dynamic and welcoming work environment, DESTL is displaying works from the Exhib’Art gallery, located in Saint-Laurent's industrial park.


Making use of an industrial condo on Guénette Street, in the industrial area of Saint-Laurent,  Ms. Edvige Persechino, an experienced gallery owner, inaugurated Exhib’Art in 2005. In addition to some thirty renowned artists such as Riopelle, Ferron, Richard and Rousseau,  she also shows the works of emerging contemporary painters, including Michel T. Desroches, Fabienne Roques and Caroline St-Pierre.


Passionate about the work of her artists, she emphasizes to business executives the importance of investing in art. As well as ensuring the permanency of artists and their works, developing an art collection is a wise investment that offers tax benefits.


Art in the worplace

Studies show the benefits of art for hospital patients and employees [1] In this spirit, Exhib’Art offers seminar/workshops on creativity and the creative process to businesses in order to stimulate creativity in the workplace.



For information concerning the artists, their works and the workshops, contact the Exhib’Art gallery, located at 2385 Guénette Street.

To learn about the tax benefits of investing in art, read the article Comment investir dans l’art, Les Affaires or consult your tax advisor.


[1] Introduire l’art et la culture en milieu de soin et de services sociaux


Renée Noreau, Lumière de juin

Format: 30 x 30 inches, Medium: Acrylic on canvas, mixed techniques

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