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Gala Alpha 2016: Bravo to the winners!

01 June 2016

Organized around the theme “The wealth of diversity,” the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Saint-Laurent–Mont-Royal held its annual Gala Alpha celebrating Mont-Royal and Saint-Laurent entrepreneurs who engage in healthy competition.


DESTL congratulates the winners, who set themselves apart with their drive, their creativity and their achievements.


  • Business of the year: Rotalec International
  • Tribute to a great company: Air Transat
  • Services -Consumer staples: Les produits de Café Union
  • Services - Professional: Dynacare
  • Business services , fewer than 25 employees: Groupe-Conseil Solertia
  • Business services, 25 employees or more: Hitek Logistic Inc.
  • Services - Information technologies and telecommunications: Broadnet Telecom
  • Distribution - All categories combined, fewer than 50 employees: Oburo
  • Distribution -All categories combined, 50 employees or more: Rotalec International
  • Manufacturing - Industrial products, fewer than 50 employees: Groupe Royalty
  • Manufacturing - Industrial products, 50 employees or more: Era Group
  • Manufacturing - Electronic and industrial products: Hermes Supplies


Business personalities 2016:
  • Jean-Claude Calabro, President, LUMIGROUP Inc.
  • žMarie-Thérèse Dugré, President and CEO, SOLAREH
  • Diane Lanctôt, President, LANCTÔT Ltd
  • Gilbert Rozon, President and founder, JUSTE POUR RIRE
  • Lino Saputo Jr., CEO and Vice-Chairman of the Board, SAPUTO Inc.


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