Green Furniture’s Newest Products Awarded Best of NeoCon Gold and Silver

25 July 2019

Green Furniture, a company in Saint-Laurent, is proud to have won its 3rd and 4th Best of NeoCon Prizes at this year’s show for the latest additions to the iconic Nova C Series. The new Recliner won Silver in the Sofas & Lounge category and the new Perch won Gold in the Bench category.


 “We’re excited to have received these 2 awards”, says Sandra Afeyan, Director of Sales and Marketing for Green Furniture. “We’ve only operated in North America for 4 years and already have 4 awards under our belt so we’re very humbled by the acceptance and encouragement we are receiving for our products.”




Awarded Silver in the Sofas & Lounge category, the Nova C Recliner sees the original Nova C Back in a new angle. It is set in a lounging position for ultimate relaxation. Between every second seat, the wood ribs turn up and inwards, morphing into a sleek table – perfect for laptops or snacking. This recliner is more social than the traditional one-seater options on the market – it’s big enough to fit a family. Thanks to its reclined position, this seat will even increase blood flow to users’ legs.


For people who are not quite willing to sit, but too tired to stand, Green Furniture introduced the Perch, a new silhouette in the Nova C Series, which received the Gold Prize in the Bench category. The jurors praised this hip-height bench because it is very unique on the market and furnishes awkward areas where people would otherwise sit on the floor or lean against the wall. The Perch invites users to assume a comfortable leaning position and, best of all, it helps to alleviate pain in the lower back.


Like the rest of the modules in the Nova C Series, the Recliner and the Perch come in straight and curved options. They are also available in the single and double-sided versions – a characteristic feature of the entire series. They are made from FSC-certified wood, recycled steel and are free of all VOCs. It goes without saying the colors of the metal parts are endlessly customizable.


The Nova C Series was first introduced to the North American market at NeoCon in 2015, when it was awarded the Best of NeoCon Silver Prize in the Bench category. Thanks to the ingenious vision of the Green Furniture Design Team, today’s Nova C has evolved from a modest bench to a complex collection of modules that can be easily clipped to one another and configured into highly functional sculptural pieces.


On the last day of NeoCon, Afeyan remarked, “We have experienced rapid growth in a short amount of time in regards to our market coverage as well as our product offering. This is exciting for us all at Green Furniture, but it also means that we have set the bar very high for what’s to come in 2020. Our design team is already cooking up their latest tricks and while most of it is still behind sealed doors, I can comfortably say that we have our eye on the prize again next year, so stay tuned!”  


Green Furniture Concept is an award-winning company that designs sustainable furniture and lighting solutions for public spaces. It is a socially and environmentally responsible organization with manufacturing facilities in North America and Europe.

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