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HR Panel: CALENDAR 2015

01 May 2015

Emploi-Québec and DESTL have created a special discussion forum, the Saint-Laurent Human Resources Panel (HRP). It is a series of five training sessions on the human resources challenges facing employers (recruitment, training, employee retention, succession planning, etc.).


This training is accredited by the Ordre des conseillers en human resources agréés (CRHA).


The HR Panel members examine human resources management best practices. This ongoing training enables participating businesses to acquire new tools and find answers to their daily management problems.


This year, the HR panel will discuss the following topics:

  • Developing management coaching skills. Wednesday, May 20
  • Marketing and human resources.  Thursday, June 11
  • Are you an employer of choice?  Wednesday, September 16
  • Leadership and mobilization.  Wednesday, October 14
  • Employee recognition and commitment program.  Wednesday, November 18


For information: HR Panel

To register, contact Lina Samaha, Administrative Coordinator

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