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Joint management of MOBA and Voyagez Futé

05 December 2017

Until now coordinator of MOBA, Aline Berthe will now serve as manager of both MOBA and Voyagez Futé, the two transportation management centres in the Montréal metropolitan region.

For the past 15 years, MOBA has been actively working with businesses and organizations on Montréal’s West Island, as well as in Laval and the Laurentians. As for Voyagez Futé, it serves Montréal Centre and Montréal East Island, as well as Montérégie and Lanaudière.  Their common goal: to help businesses implement measures to reduce solo driving by their employees.


MOBA and Voyagez Futé are partnering to create a single window service to better assist businesses, while remaining separate organizations in their respective territories. “We want to support clients in Greater Montréal concertedly and efficiently in order to put in place transportation solutions tailored to each,” explained the new manager.


About the transportation management centres in the montréal metropolitan region

MOBA and Voyagez Futé offer businesses and institutions, as well as real estate developers and property managers, sustainable transportation advice and solutions to encourage alternatives to solo driving.

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