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Management: The strategic plan, an essential tool for growth

04 February 2016

The business world is a highly stimulating environment, but also very competitive. Globalization, combined with fast-developing technologies, is forcing us to change the way we do things and to review our business models.


The strategic plan is a powerful tool for anticipating change and remaining a leader in one's industry. Both management and employees are at the heart of the strategic planning process. This means setting aside time to reflect on how best to create a win-win plan.


I recommend consulting a professional, who will guide you and challenge you throughout the process. In addition, good coaching will help bring out the necessary creativity in you to find innovate solutions.


Currently in the strategic planning process, DESTL wants to renew its business model in order to offer you services that meet your expectations.


I invite you to contact the team to share with us your needs and your ideas, or simply to learn more about our range of services.


Josée Chiasson, MBA, Ec. D.

General Manager



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