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MOBA: Mobility champions

02 June 2016

In May 2016, 50 participants collectively made 815 active commutes totaling 10,376.5 km, the equivalent of seven months’ average use of a car that travels 18,000 km per year.


Contagion champions:
  • Julien Conte persuaded 27 co-workers from CS Communications & Systems Canada to join the active commute movement and made 26 running commutes, for a total of 248 km.
  • Arnaud Jouanjean got 14 Adetel Solution co-workers to opt for active commuting and made 38 bike commutes, for a total of 573 km.


Determination champions
  • Carl Renaud did the 40-kilometre commute from his home (Mirabel) to his place of work (Adetel Solution) seven times by bike, for a total of 268 km.
  • Nadine Hammoud often covered a distance of more than 17 km in her active commute to work in Montreal libraries. Total: 538 km in 46 commutes.


Consistency champions (tie)
  • Nadine Hammoud did all her commutes by bicycle. Total: 538 km in 46 commutes.
  • Jean-François Deschênes also did all his commutes by bike to his job at Adetel Solution. Total: 521 km in 40 commutes.


Mobility champion company


CS Communications & Systems Canada, the commitment and encouragement champion, mobilized 28 employees who collectively made 270 walking, running or bike commutes for a total of 2,723 km. In light of this record participation, the company will put in showers, changing rooms and lockers to better accommodate its active commuters.


Bravo to all the competitors!


Photo: Champions of the winning company, CD Communications & Systems Canada


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