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New developments in the MEI’s Industry 4.0 audit

06 February 2020

Previously exclusive to the manufacturing sector, the program has now been extended to other sectors of activity, enabling more Québec businesses to make the transition to digital and receive funding.

This program of the Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation du Québec (MEI) can help businesses measure their digital maturity and plan the implementation of digital projects.


Changes to the program in 2020

In addition to the analysis and digital plan component, the program now includes an implementation plan component which provides funding for technology solution selection and change management planning for the digital projects prioritized in the first component.


The funding terms have also been changed:


Program component

Maximum funding rate

Combined government funding


Maximum funding amount



Component  1- Analysis and digital plan


80% of eligible expenditures

80% of total expenditures

$20,000 for the duration of the program

Component  2- Implementation plan (selection of solutions and change planning for the digital projects prioritized)

50% of eligible expenditures

80% of total expenditures

$10,000 for the duration of the program


Since it was put in place in 2017, close to 300 businesses have availed themselves of this program, including Continental Railworks Technology Inc, a Saint-Laurent based manufacturer of rail gear, and TRAF Industrial Products, specialized in high-precision machining.  Adfast, a leader in assembly, sealing, insulation and protection solutions, is a good example of successful digital transformation. The company is also one of the two technology 4.0 showcases in Québec.


A support program for businesses is also available from DESTL’s economic development commissioners.

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