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Pandemic - April 29, 2020

29 April 2020



Do you know about the CNESST guide to help organizations take charge of Health and Safety in the workplace ?

We invite you to consult the CNESST Guide to Sanitary Standards in the Workplace (available in French only).


Teleworking in time of COVID-19


Although many have been teleworking for a few weeks already, some are still struggling to adapt to this new reality. DESTL summarizes an article from the Association des Centre de gestion des déplacements du Québec (CGD) offering advice to stay productive while prioritizing safety.


Establish rules to be effective

To facilitate the transition to teleworking: organization is essential. It is important to maintain a daily routine by setting a flexible schedule according to the constraints of your industry. It is also essential to set clear objectives with your superior for better guidance. 


Family management

Due to the current situation, many employees find themselves having to work with close members. Rules can be set with the family so that they respect your working hours. We refer here to meal times and breaks for example. This will keep you away from any sources of stress while staying focused.


Create a teleworking space

It is best to opt for a comfortable and ergonomic workspace where sources of distraction will be limited. If possible, this location should be separate from the recreation area. 


Technological tools

In order to simplify interactions within the team, communications can easily be adapted to the new reality. Consider video conferencing software with scheduled meetings, applications such as Skype and Zoom are very popular with companies.

Communication by instant messaging such as Slack, Outlook or Gmail are also tools allowing rapid virtual exchanges. You can encourage data sharing by giving access to your company's server or online storage to employees like a VPN, Cloud, Google Drive and Microsoft Teams. The latter combines several technological tools at the same time.


Incorporate long-term telework

The current situation could allow several employers to incorporate teleworking into their businesses, following the crisis. 96% of the companies surveyed are convinced that teleworking does not affect employee productivity. This new adaptation will be beneficial for employees who will be able to manage private and professional life and for air conditions by limiting transport to work of thousands of employees. 


Remember that trusting employees who do teleworking is the best way to make the program a success in the business!



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