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Polykar Announces Plan to Build New Manufacturing Facility in Edmonton

17 September 2019

Polykar, a leading Canadian manufacturer of flexible packaging, announced it has acquired a site to construct a new state-of-the-art plant in Edmonton.





Polykar announced, on Septyember 9, 2019, it has acquired a site to construct a new state-of-the-art plant in Edmonton, Alberta.


This second facility will add significant production capacity (30 million pounds) to all of Polykar’s product lines and expand the company’s reach and expertise to serve the retail, commercial and institutional sectors.


This is an important milestone for Polykar and we look to the future with confidence as we continue to develop innovative and sustainable products,’’ said Amir Karim, President & CEO, Polykar. “We are excited to finalize the plans for our new manufacturing facility in Edmonton in the coming months, and bring ourselves closer to our valued suppliers and customers in Western Canada.”




The proposed three-acre site in the Discovery Business Park, on the south side of Edmonton adjacent to the Edmonton International Airport, makes the location ideal to support Polykar’s customer base in Western Canada and the United States. Having a dual plant model will allow the company to offer faster delivery, bolster its production capacity, as well as build and retain manufacturing capability in the region.


Polykar has engaged Calgary based FarMor Architecture to design the 50,000 square foot facility. To see a video rendering of the proposed building, please visit.




Founded in 1987 in Saint-Laurent, Québec, Polykar began as a family business. Today, we are a leading Canadian manufacturer of polyethylene film, certified compostable bags, garbage bags as well as food and industrial packaging. 



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