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Shariiing: a new partner at the heart of IEC MTL's technological showcase

11 November 2020

The Industrial Expertise Center of Montreal (IEC MTL)  provides manufacturers a 3500 square foot space dedicated to display and experiment their technology.


This showcase on new technologies allows manufacturers to:


  • promote their technologies;
  • discover the concepts of the 4.0 factory;
  • understand the connections between technologies;
  • project into the industry of the future.


The IEC MTL technology showcase already exhibits the technologies of several equipment manufacturers such as Haxio, Siemens, VKS and CAD MicroSolutions.






IEC MTL is proud to welcome the collaborative platform Shariiiing to its showcase. Shariiing is a software solution that allows multidisciplinary teams to exchange information to improve teamwork. Its philosophy? Put people back at the center of decisions.


This European platform allows collaboration through a common language, encourages fluid exchanges, connects expertise remotely or in person, promotes agility and develops collective and emotional intelligence.


"The enthusiastic discussions with the IEC Montreal’s team led us naturally to forge this partnership. IEC MTL's mission is perfectly in line with our solutions and this agreement comes at the right time with our desire to develop in North America, starting with Canada.


We look forward to support businesses of Saint Laurent industrial basin with their transformation towards the Industry 4.0. » mentioned Matthieu Lépine, Brand Ambassador Manager for Shariiing.


Shariiing aggregates 4.0 solutions within the IEC MTL allowing teams to access all the information in order to make informed decisions.








This platform was entirely imagined and developed by Immersion, a European expert in virtual reality, augmented reality and collaborative solutions for the world of industry and research.


Shariiing is the technological solution for interactive presentations, collaborative or agile meetings, storytelling and customer experience. From SMEs to large corporations, Shariiing's clients are major players in service, real estate and construction, academic and defense’s sectors. Shariiing supports businesses in their digital transformation and is at the heart of new working methods.


In July 2020, Immersion took advantage of the confinement in France to develop Shariiing for You, a remote collaboration solution to boost teamwork. This service is available to all professionals, free of charge.


Learn more about Shariiing.


Follow Shariiing on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram.

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