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Strategic Plan: Thank you!

04 July 2016

DESTL unveiled its 2016-2018 Strategic Plan to some one hundred guests at a reception hosted by Polykar Industries. The plan focuses primarily on innovative manufacturing, which is in line with the Digital Economy Action Plan of Québec’s  Ministère de l’Économie, Science et Innovation (MESI) and with the objectives of the federal government’s Innovation Agenda.


The goal is to make Saint-Laurent a nationally recognized strategic innovation centre. To achieve this objective, “DESTL is committed to playing a leadership role in fostering the development of an economic ecosystem conducive to industrial and technological innovation that responds to the reality of Saint-Laurent businesses,” explained Josée Chiasson, General Manager of DESTL.


In 2015, 4,600 Saint-Laurent businesses generated close to 107,000 jobs and investments of $688 million. To support their growth, DESTL offers an integrated approach for effective economic development, which also includes expertise in sustainable development and transport, as well in exporting.


DESTL thanks Les Industries Polykar, which hosted the event, and its partner Groupe Accès Succès, composed of BDC, principal sponsor of the event, as well as RBC, EDC and Investissement Québec.



Click here to see more pictures of this evening


Photo: Alan DeSousa, Mayor of Saint-Laurent; Jean-Marc Laniel, Chairman of the Board of DESTL; Josée Chiasson, General Manager of DESTL; and Amir Karim, Vice-President of Les Industries Polykar.


Photo: Over one hundred guests applauded the ambitious and unifying Strategic Plan.


Photo: Groupe Accès-Succès is an initiative of Renée Lepage (Investissement Québec), Alexandra Bell (EDC),

Josée Chiasson (DESTL), Marouane Arif (BDC) and Joyce Wells (RBC)


2016-2018 Strategic Plan

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