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Sustainable industrial development: A powerful 4.0 ecosystem

07 April 2017

Josée Chiasson, General Manager of DESTL, participated in the Americana event on Sustainable Industrial Development. Here is her presentation.


In order to be viable in the long term, industrial development must be based on a sustainable development perspective. To achieve this, technologies become indispensable tools. These technologies aim to improve productivity and, by positive collateral effect, reduce the ecological footprint of industrial activity.


Economic development must be done in perfect synergy with all the economic actors and it is essential to optimize the interactions between companies and organizations to create maximum collective wealth.


In the era of this 4th industrial revolution, innovative manufacturers need an advanced ecosystem that includes experimental laboratories, learning sites and value-added services.


With this vision, DESTL provides a unifying leadership and works in concert with all Quebec innovation partners to create a powerful 4.0 ecosystem that will stimulate sustainable industrial development and contribute to the collective wealth growth.

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