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The MAI: In the heart of Quebec's Aerospace Industry

05 September 2016

Newly based in Saint-Laurent, the MAI (Montreal Aerospace Institutes) brings together the aerospace industry and top aerospace students from six Quebec universities.


This unique organization owes its growing success over the past 15 years to its one-stop concept for businesses. The MAI selects the best students from the École de Technologie Supérieure and the École Polytechnique, as well as from Concordia, McGill, Laval and Sherbrooke universities.


According to Sylvain Larochelle, manager of the Technology Collaboration Office at Pratt & Whitney Canada, “MAI students have interned with our teams in many departments. In engineering, of course, but also in procurement, customer service, and elsewhere. They’re versatile, they’re often experienced thanks to other MAI internships, and they make a tangible contribution that is much appreciated by the supervisors.”


Invitation to all aeronautics businesses in Saint-Laurent

The borough of Saint-Laurent is home to many aerospace businesses, especially SMEs. An invitation from Dominique Sauvé, director of the MAI: “If your business is thinking of hiring a student, contact us and post your offer in one place to reach the best students, wherever they are.


About the Montreal Aerospace Institutes

Founded in 2001 by Hany Moustapha, Ph.D., then with Pratt & Whitney Canada and currently a professor and director of AÉROÉTS, the MAI is dedicated to forging strong ties between universities and the aerospace industry. With more than 300 top interns a year from Quebec, MAI’s vision is to become the reference in Canada for recruiting quality university interns in the aerospace industry.


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