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Welcome to Saint-Laurent: Legal LightHouse and ideation6

10 May 2016

DESTL welcomes Legal LightHouse, an IT business that is taking up residency in the Technohub.


Legal Lighthouse is a digital platform that improves and facilitates interactions between lawyers and their clients. The service makes it possible to find, choose and communicate with a lawyer online and to track billing in real time. It reduces office overhead expenses for lawyers and makes legal services more accessible and transparent.


Ideation6 is an electronic communication platform for generating and prioritizing ideas and keeping them for future use. In a competitive game context, members of virtual teams generate ideas and then try to improve upon those of their partners. A jury chooses the three best ideas. This process serves as a decision-making tool for business leaders.


About Technohub

Designed for IT startups, Technohub offers business networking services in Saint-Laurent, an industrial and technology hub that is home to close to 5,000 businesses.



Photo: Danielle Linnen and Jameson Jones-Doyle, Legal LightHouse


Photo: Martin Corbo and François Auger, ideation6

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