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Why export from Quebec to Canada? A look back at our last Midi Export

26 November 2020

Distribution and sales to other Canadian provinces represent a great opportunity for Quebec companies, waiting for a normal resumption of international trade.


The common currency, the absence of customs barriers, the proximity and similarity of institutions, standards and regulations, make Canada a natural extension of the local Quebec market.


Through practical advice of an experienced entrepreneur developing in Canada, and thanks to the members of the Quebec Delegation in Toronto and Vancouver, this webinar provides valuable tips and tricks if you are considering a serene deployment in Canada.


Practical tips for entering Canadian markets

The members of the Quebec delegation from Toronto and Vancouver, Catherine Tadros, Anis Ouanes and Daniel Paquette presented the advantages of exporting from Quebec to Canada, as well as the situation and specificities of doing business in several Canadian provinces, particularly in relation to COVID-19.


Here is a portrait of the current situation in Canada :


  • Quebec's trade to the other Canadian provinces is currently $81 billion;
  • Health measures have been put in place by territory according to the pandemic situation;
  • The main growth sectors: life sciences, technology, agri-food, transportation, infrastructure/construction, large retailers;
  • Recommendations of the best virtual meetings and business practices;
  • 5 superclusters available in Western Canada.


Léonard Xu, President and CEO of Speclite, a distributor and manufacturer of lighting products, then shared his practical advice for approaching the Canadian market and turning threats into opportunities.


Here are his advices to future exporters to Canada:

  • Encourage new methods in times of pandemic: virtual fairs and conventions, virtual meetings, etc;
  • Develop tools to compensate for slow shipments and sometimes difficult customer payments;
  • Recruit and collaborate virtually with the most remote teams;
  • Take advantage of the current slowdown to solidify the foundations of your company;
  • Develop alternative distribution strategies to support sales.


Watch this Midi Export on our Youtube channel by clicking here. (in French only)


Our next Midi Export webinar on exporting to Mexico will be held on December 15th at 12:00pm, register for free here.


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