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Why is having a sustainable and integrated policy in your company's interest?

01 December 2021

Although sustainable development is often perceived as being part of a corporate environmental policy, it is actually one of the best continuous improvement systems any company could implement.

Sustainable development aims to eliminate waste (LEAN[1]), optimize the life cycles of resources or raw materials (circularity) and reduces energy costs (eco-efficiency). It is part of a regulatory compliance trend (e.g.: Law 118 – sustainable development, ISO14001, etc.).


Go green with the new EVO2030 program

To help companies develop an integrated sustainable development policy, Développement économique Saint-Laurent, in collaboration with COESIO, is pleased to offer the EVO 2030 Program. This service offers strategic support for the implementation of a sustainable development approach to five Saint-Laurent companies per cohort.


Why participate in the EVO2030 program?

The EVO2030 Program will allow your organization to better understand the sustainability issues that affect it directly, such as attracting qualified workers to your company, increasing profitability and productivity of operations, and accessing reliable suppliers and affordable capital.


Cohorts help foster synergy between companies, enhance the potential for local benefits, and align the efforts of multiple stakeholders in a concerted and dynamic manner.


3 benefits of participating in the EVO2030 program




1. The data* generated will be used to guide tailored action plans with science-based targets and numbers. (*e.g.: waste quantities and types, energy bills, vehicle fleet mileage, machine hours, etc.)


2. A company with a sustainable development policy has a lower employee turnover rate than the industry average. (Source: HR Department)


3. 100% of the companies that completed the EVO2030 program were able to work on the current or future concept of their business model, services or products (e.g.: Moneris and IMS)


The program also allows you to better meet the expectations and concerns of your various stakeholders (customers, communities, clients, suppliers, employees, investors, etc.) regarding environmental disclosure.

The EVO 2030 program covers 5 key topics related to corporate sustainable development:

  1. Strategic support with regard to sustainable development;
  2. Waste management;
  3. Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and optimization of energy, including sustainable mobility (MOBA);
  1. Eco-design and life cycle including sustainable industry 4.0 opportunities (IEC MTL);
  2. Responsible local procurement (MTL Recovery Plan with ExMO).


A customized program for manufacturers

The registration period for the 2022 cohort begins today and will end on February 17th, 2022. The five selected companies will then begin receiving personalized coaching in March 2022.


Given its partnership with DESTL, the EVO2030 cohort in Saint-Laurent focuses on your specific industrial needs. As such, the scope of the support will be adapted to your reality.


In addition, through your participation in the EVO2030 program, your company could be eligible to receive $40,000 in financing (75% non-refundable) thanks to the Écoleader Fund.






Don't wait any longer—now is the time for your company to implement practices that are environmentally responsible, affordable and profitable.


To register for the EVO2030 program or to discuss your sustainable development needs, contact your commissioner, Sylvain Foulon:


More information on the program with the the brochure (in English)..



[1] Definition of the Lean concept: refers to lean governance by removing non-value added actions.


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