Thursday, November 25, 2021
During the Lean 4.0 and digital continuity: Breaking Down Silos industrial excellence forum, Développement économique Saint-Laurent (DESTL) is pleased to announce its name change, its new positioning, and the revamping of its brand image.

The origin of the project

A fully integral part of the Montreal economic ecosystem, DESTL has positioned itself as a key partner for manufacturing companies in Saint-Laurent, thanks to its value-added services.
Its expertise also greatly contributes to the development of an innovative industrial fabric in Montreal and throughout Quebec.
At the end of 2020, Développement économique Saint-Laurent began an exercise aimed at repositioning itself in the economic development market.

A new inclusive name: a manufacturing expertise destination

The first challenge for the DESTL brand is that the scope of most of its services now extends beyond the territory of St. Laurent.


The organization's identity and name are strongly linked to the borough of Saint-Laurent.


Our Montreal Industrial Expertise Centre extends beyond the metropolitan area to Laval, the Outaouais, the Laurentians and Lanaudière, our export service covers the Montreal West area, and our alternative mobility service (MOBA) serves the West Island of Montreal, Laval and the Laurentians.


The solution to this problem was to position the organization as a manufacturing expertise destination rather than a local economic development service limited to the borough of Saint-Laurent.


The second challenge for the DESTL brand was to ensure that it was clear and easy to understand the services it offers.


The borough of Saint-Laurent is home to the largest industrial park in Quebec, and Développement économique Saint-Laurent has:


• More than 25 years’ experience supporting businesses in the manufacturing sector;

• The largest team specialized in the manufacturing industry in Quebec.


The economic development ecosystem is an environment which has many organizations whose names are acronyms. We therefore saw an opportunity to set ourselves apart with a name that clearly evokes the added value we bring to the manufacturers benefiting from our services—namely excellence.




Industry 4.0 Pathfinders

With its in-depth knowledge and experience in the field, its solid roots in the territory, and its keen understanding of the issues facing the manufacturing industry, Excellence industrielle Saint-Laurent is an unparalleled source of information and advice for entrepreneurs and managers who wish to help their companies grow and prosper sustainably in the manufacturing sector.
Its team and dedicated resources are authentic and trustworthy guides. .
As the industrial epicenter of Montreal, Excellence Industrielle is the catalyst for industrial innovation in the greater metropolitan area. An inspiring example of collaboration, open-mindedness and an uncompromising desire to succeed.
In changing our name, our hope was to:
• Place more emphasis on our organization’s expertise and impact

• Make our purpose and mission clearer and easier to understand

Excellence Industrielle Saint-Laurent’s personality and distinctive character




As a leader in our field, we cultivate an insatiable thirst for learning and intellectual curiosity. We love to explore and discover new things. What’s more, we are incredibly rigorous and are always sure to pay attention to detail, leaving nothing to chance.

Rigoureux, nous avons le souci du détail et ne laissons rien au hasard.



We are proactive, helpful, available, attentive to the needs of our developing ecosystem, and always ready to take on new projects.



Every day, we look for concrete, efficient and ingenious solutions to meet the needs of manufacturers and forge inter-company connections.



We accompany companies towards sustainability and protect their interests. As a neutral and reliable strategic ally, our team has the success of our clients and partners at heart.

Excellence Industrielle Saint-Laurent unveils its new logo


Excellence Industrielle Saint-Laurent’s new logo is a unifying symbol of prosperity and industrial innovation. Its main color is orange, a warm hue that is known to be invigorating, strengthening and stimulating. It reflects the dynamic and mobilizing side of Industrial Excellence and, bearing the orange tree of life from the borough's logo, it is also a nod to our origins.
2022 will be marked by the deployment of this new brand image, the finalizing of our graphic standards guide, the development of a new Web site, and the updating and creation of numerous communication tools.
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