Improve the performance and profitability of your Supply Chain with our personalized optimization advices.


The supply chain supports the business' activities but is also critical to its sustainability.

Take advantage of personalized optimization advice after an in-depth analysis of your Supply Chain.


The actions recommended following the in-depth diagnosis will enable you to increase both performance and profitability by taking advantage of personalized advice to optimize your procurement processes.


This service from Excellence industrielle Saint-Laurent allows you to accelerate your growth and customer loyalty by increasing your competitiveness and customer satisfaction.


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If you wish, an optional and very competitive support can be proposed to you for the rapid deployment of the recommendations.

You will find more information on the operation and the steps of the diagnosis, download the information brochure (pdf)


For more information, please contact




Lydia Cappelli 

Economic Development Commissioner – Export

514 855-6000, ext. 4819

Excellence industrielle Saint-Laurent - ExMO



Advantages for this service

  • Improve its competitiveness
  • Increase customer satisfaction (better lead time and cost)
  • Accelerate its growth
  • Decrease your ecological footprint
  • Securing your supply
  • Optimize your cash flow
  • Beginning its economic recovery in times of pandemic




1. Delivery of a summary document listing your:

  • Recommendations
  • Avenues for improvement
  • Priority action plan
  • Evaluation of the criticality level of your purchasing function
  • Purchasing maturity (Organizational structure, processes, resources, tools and systems)


2. As an option, a personalized support service offer at a preferential rate for deploying the recommendations


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