MOBA /Mobilité Alternative

Who are we?

Since 2001, MOBA has put in place measures to reduce automobile use and encourage alternative transport. By representing Saint-Laurent businesses, it plays an active role in creating new options favouring public transit.


On the cutting edge of technology, Moba has refined ArcGis geographic information system (GIS) software, which is used to manage geographic data, perform regional spatial analyses, and create and disseminate maps. The CGD also offers an inexpensive advisory service to help you put in place Covoiturage AMT software.

Our services

Amoung its services, MOBA offers:

  • Solutions to employee recruitment and retention problems
  • Support for businesses to improve public transit, bus shelters and sidewalks
  • Promotion of public transit
  • A carpooling and self-service bicycle program


The Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal created the program Les employeurs s'activent pour la mobilité (vidéo). Find out in pictures how Centres de gestion des déplacements are helping companies implement sustainable mobility measures.




Contact Aline Berthe, Director, MOBA, 514-855-6000, extension 4827.


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