Export Montréal Ouest thanks companies that demonstrate their experience to meet export challenges.



We gave Export Montréal Ouest (ExMO) the mandate to identify potential consultants in the cosmetics sector and in specific geographic markets for our company, Canus Goat’s Milk Skin Care.


ExMO explained to us that the mandate would be conducted simultaneously on two levels :

  1. Contact with the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service – The Trade Commissioners in foreign offices have good knowledge of their markets and a solid network of contacts to assist companies with their search for customers, distributors, and in this case, consultants.
  2. ExMO research – In parallel, ExMO conducted research using their access to databases as well as a solid network of contacts.

We can certify that the services offered by ExMO were very useful to our company


— Nadège Lenormand-Dauvergne, Executive director



Export Montréal Ouest prepared a detailed business case for the target market we chose for an export assistance program. They were able to identify the market potential and share of market we could capture by focusing on specific channels. Export Montréal Ouest truly took the time to understand our operations and proactively recommended how to implement improvements in areas that would add value to our products and how to position ourselves in the international market. In short, not only did we improve our chances to get accepted for the government program, but we have a better handle on the target export market. 
— Martin Paquette, Sales and Business Development 

BlueMed Medical Supplies

The mandate given to Export Montréal Ouest was to identify and contact potential distributors for our products in Northeastern United States. So far, the results are promising. Indeed, we contacted some of the distributors who where interested in our products and we hope to see some business opportunities very soon. We are thus satisfied with the work provided by Export Montréal Ouest. In addition, the project managers kept us up to date throughout the project, which allowed us to have a personalized service adapted to our needs. Export Montréal Ouest helped BluedMed quickly access to numerous distributors which would have been more difficult for us to achieve in the same time frame, the mandate was completed in  months and a half. 


— Michel Kassar, President



M3Touch reached out to Export Montréal Ouest in order to identify systems integrators and clients for our technology in France and Belgium. The mandate was conducted in 3 phases : lead qualification (1), phone contact with the latter (2), business appointments for a one week business trip to the target markets (3). M3Touch is very satisfied with ExMO's services, so much that we hired Export Montréal Ouest again for one year of "export-coaching".
— Stéphane Ménard, CEO


Unimanix asked for Export Montréal Ouest’s help to expand our market. More precisely, we wanted to know if our products had market potential in Ontario. Export Montréal Ouest’s mandate was to validate the market potential and to identify potential distributors. Their findings concluded that Toronto is a fertile market for our product, and they identified several potential distributors. Therefore, we can certify without hesitation that ExMO’s work helped Unimanix in its market expansion strategy.


— Nazareth Tankarian, Associate



Export Montréal Ouest replied to our needs in a very short time delay by optimizing their data resources as well as relationships with the Canadian trade commissioners in Europe. Without their help, this work would have taken WECO many months to realize. The final report presented by Export Montréal Ouest is a valuable resource for our continued development in this market. 
— Michel Alary, VP, World Operations

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