Now more than ever, manufacturers must innovate to boost their productivity and remain competitive. Since 2005, DESTL has encouraged industrial innovation and has implemented many projects to support businesses in the borough.  


Our services

  • Business process analysis and optimization
  • Identification of available technical and financial resources, from new product design to commercialization
  • Search for strategic partnerships
  • Strategic assistance throughout the digital transformation process
  • Finding and arranging financing for digital transformation projects
  • Help with choosing Technology 4.0 providers


The transition to new technologies (Industry 4.0)

In this fourth industrial revolution, making the shift to digital is a must for factories and Saint-Laurent businesses will have to do so to remain competitive in the global economy. DESTL is committed to support you each step of the way:


  • Change management
  • Business restructuring for flexible and personalized production, leveraging the latest technologies
  • Installing new plant technologies
  • Enhancing robotization and automation



Center of Industrial expertise project 

.In accordance with its strategic plan for 2019-2021, DESTL is preparing the creation of the Industrial Expertise Center (IEC), the first milestone in the realization of a future Industrial Innovation Complex (ICI) in Saint-Laurent.


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