Emploi-Québec and DESTL have created a special discussion forum, the Saint-Laurent Human Resources Panel.


It is a series of five training sessions on the human resources challenges facing employers (recruitment, training, employee retention, succession planning, etc.).


The HR Panel members examine human resources management best practices. This ongoing training enables participating businesses to acquire new tools and find answers to their daily management problems.


Recognized training 

This training is accredited by the Ordre des conseillers en human resources agréés (CRHA). Human resources professionals who participate in the HR Panel workshops (five meetings per year of three hours each) may be credited for up to 15 hours of the mandatory 60 hours of training per year.


The HR Panel discusses a wide range of subjects, including:

  • HR trends
  • Leadership development
  • Compensation, performance appraisal, and performance measures
  • The influence of the HR manager
  • Change, succession and intergenerational management


Your contact

To register or to learn more about the Saint-Laurent HR Panel, contact Lina Samaha, Human resources manager, 514-855-6000, extension 4821.

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